Should animals have vegan diets?

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AITA for stopping my roommate from being able to adopt a cat?

“My roommate is vegan and wanted to adopt a cat.

She bought pretty much everything she needs and I was fine with it. I have a dog so why can’t she have a cat? Then an order came for cat food. It was a brand called VeganPet. She was planning to feed the cat vegan dry food.

I told her cats can’t eat a vegan diet because they are carnivores and it can lead to health issues. Not to mention a diet of solely dry food for cats can lead to kidney stones and dehydration. My roommate would not budge on this issue and ultimately said if its made for cats then it is ok for cats.

So I ultimately drop the issue and we get to the shelter. My roommate can’t drive so I was the chauffeur and as we live together we thought it would be good for us to look at the cats together. The shelter lady was asked us a bunch of questions like if we had other pets, what out house was like, if we had a catio or safe outdoor area the cat can’t escape from etc and then she gets to nutrition. She asks about what we would be feeding and vet care. My RM lies and says that she would be feeding hills instead of veganpet. I was gobsmacked tbh.

I wait until my RM is distracted and tell the shelter volunteer that she will be feeding veganpet and not hills. I think this is what made the shelter turn down my roomates application for the cat.

When I told my RM the truth she locked herself in her room. She hasn’t spoken to me since. I was told by our mutual friend that I overstepped and should have stayed out of it. Idk


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