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AITA For Selling My Late Husband’s Classic Car Instead of Gifting it To My Son?

“My late husband (passed away in 2013) was a classic car guy. He bought and sold them since he was a teenager as a hobby.

After he passed away, I kept his favorite car. My brother in law would come by and maintain it for us and sometimes take it to shows. My son would often go with his uncle to shows and when my son got his license he was allowed to occasionally drive the car when either I, his step dad (I remarried in 2017) or his uncle was able to go with him.

Unfortunately, the past 2 years were very difficult for us. My husband got very very sick and was in the ICU. He almost didn’t come back home. Between the medical bills and him being out of work – we have gotten into a substantial amount of debt.

I called my BIL and gave him first option to buy the car. He declined to purchase but said he would put feelers out and see if he could find someone. He did.

I told my son we would have to sell the car, and he did not take it very well. To be frank, he threw a temper tantrum bigger than any he had as an actual toddler.

He says I have no right to use his “inheritance” to pay for my husband’s medical bills. I explained to him that he doesn’t get any inheritance until I die anyways and that I wasn’t going to let our family suffer over a car.

That selling the car is what will allow us to keep the family home and help him pay for his education. I apologized and told him if there were any other options I would have taken them, but this is just the way life works out sometimes as sucky as that may be.

He says that my husband and stepson are not his family and has since stopped talking to his step-father and step-brother completely and I am lucky if I get more than a word out of him.

AITA for selling the car to pay off medical debts and rebuild our savings?”

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