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But this parent wants to know if she acted like an a**hole when she gave her daughter a very specific directive…read on to see what happened.

AITA for telling my daughter to go ask her biological family for money?

“My daughter (26) is adopted. She started meeting her bio family afte she had her son 3 years ago.

I never went against her decision to have her bio family in her life I’ve always encouraged her to give them a chance espacially her bio mom. But I noticed I was being gradually pushed to the side. Not just me but the family too. No more sunday dinners no more trips no more pictures and not even weekly phonecalls like we used to have.

I figured she was busy being a mom and she confirmed that but her facebook page showed me otherwise. There were tons of pictures of her visiting her bio family and tons of pictures with my grandson. I realized she was making excuses to skip family time with us to be with her bio family more.

Whenever her dad and I brought this up with her she’d turne it into an argument in which she’d call us too sensitive or too jealous or not giving her space to get to know her bio family better. We had one big argumeny and she never spoke again after she said nomatter how much love and eagerness we show her her bio family’s love is greater and more natural.

She stayed gone for months until her husband Thomas who’s always been struggling with heart condition gotten worse. He is in the end stage of heart failure and is required to have an LVAD implant but my daughter can not afford it. Lately she’s been coming over a lot to talk about Thomas’ condition. We do what we can to comfert her but she brought up the piece of land we have for my 14 year old son’s education.

I refused to even have this conversation but she kept pushing for us to sell the land and help her get the device. I said I was sorry but that will go to her brother who sees me and her dad as his parents and isn’t willing to replace us like she did and told her to go ask her bio family for the money.

She was shocked and said that she couldn’t believe how conditional my love for her was and that I care more about being petty then my grandson’s future with both parents not a widowed mother. She started crying calling us unsupportive and that this is the time we show her we’re truly family instead of showing conditional love and act petty at her husband’s expense. I said I’m sorry about Thomas but that is all I had to say. She left and we haven’t heard from her since then.

My husband says Thomas and our grandson are innocent and maybe we should help out now then settle our conflict later but that is a lot of money that I feel I’m not obligated to give even without the whole drama from her bio family.

I’m upset but I don’t resent my daughter as she’s struggling with a lot but at this point I feel like she’s only keeping us around for money given that we paid for many things in the past while her bio family did nothing.”

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