It’s a tradition that has been passed down through the ages…

In fact, I remember when my own mother first took me to a Hooters…

Okay, that didn’t really happen, but, SHOCKER, some 12-year-old boys want to go to Hooters to take in the scenery…oh, and to eat, too…I think.

And a mom shared a video on TikTok of how pleased her son was when she took him to that legendary establishment.

Take a look…

@emtmomlife82♬ original sound – Aleea

And, because we lived in a time when people have to disagree about everything, the jury was split on this one among people who saw the video.

One viewer said,

“My man looks so happy I love it haha.”

And another added,

“Happy birthday. I remember talking my son on his 13th birthday.”

But others didn’t think it was such a great idea…

One TikTokker commented,

“Isn’t that for adults?”

Another added,

“This is creepy.”

And one person said,

“Something about this is messed up.”

Because of all the hoopla, the boy’s mom decided to post another video to poke fun at the situation and to throw shade at the viewers who thought it was inappropriate.

Take a look…

@emtmomlife82 #fyp #boymom ♬ original sound – Aleea

One viewer commented,

“He better be asking for forgiveness after Hooters LOL.”

And another person said,

“My son wouldn’t even want to go to a place like that! If I tried to bring him somewhere like that he would walk right back out.”

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