Be jealous, ladies. This baby has the hair you’ve been dreaming of!

Pantene discovered 1-year old baby Chanco on Instagram and signed her as the youngest Pantene model ever.

I mean, just look at her:


Wow, wow, wow:

People interviewed Yoshiaki Okura, the Japan brand director for Pantene who explained why they chose Baby Chanco.

“We went straight to her mother because Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support.”

The campaign surrounded not only Baby Chanco’s thick mane of gorgeous hair but speaks of positivity and loving yourself.

“We feel (Chanco’s) beautiful hair has strong power,” Okura said. “And we also support her mother’s positiveness to post wonderful moments with Chanco.”

Since then this little cutie has racked up over 400K followers who can’t get enough of her wild mane!

Holy moly:


Her mother Kano says she’ll never cut it!

“I prefer to keep her hair long, and in the future, I want to try some new arrangements, like braids.”

And what is the key to handling her daughter’s hair?

“Brushing and just let her live as she is.”