There’s cute. There’s really cute. And then there’s this.

The caption reads:

“Every year, mama follows the same path. Facility Services associates – one of whom said “She has us trained” – have old signage to gently guide her and her babies in case they look like they’re about to get sidetracked. They head to the light from an open door at the end of the corridor.”

The pic was posted by Thompson Health. Apparently, this mama duck has chosen one of the courtyards at their M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center as her annual nesting spot. She heads in, lays her eggs, and hatches and cares for her little ducklings in relative safety.

Of course, the new family can’t live there forever. When the time is right, the mama duck taps on the glass to let the staff know that it’s time to leave.

The staff lines the hallway to ensure the family finds their way out.

Then off they go to some nearby woods, where mama will continue to rear her little ones until they’re ready to leave the nest.

The mother duck led 13 ducklings on her annual route. Apparently, it’s fairly common for ducks to nest in populated settings.

“There they go! Good luck, guys. We’ll miss you!” the hospital wrote about the family.

Indeed! Good luck!