Christmas lights around houses are a pure delight. And, these Christmas balls, by Christmas Light, Etc. turn up the cheer even more. Made of ordinary strings of light, a few globes in the yard tells the neighborhood you are ready for Santa, his elves, good tidings and everything else CHRISTMAS.

We are not messing around.

Gather your supplies. We are making Christmas Light Balls, just like these that were made by Christmas Lights, Etc. for the Chicago Botanic Garden:

You will need chicken wire, wire cutters, a measuring tape, gloves and mini LED lights.

Basically, you take the chicken wire and mold it into a ball, then wrap the lights around it. That’s it. So easy. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

For the YouTube tutorial devotees, here is an instructional video:

If you are a next level Christmas decorator, you might want to try a variation.

The DIY Christmas Flower Light Ball uses silk flowers and greenery with other decorative accents to transform the Christmas Light Ball into a real thing of beauty.

So, stock up on lights and let your Christmas creative juices flow!

This is a project that you can totally make your own and be the envy of the neighborhood.