If you spend time online on social media sites, there’s almost no chance you haven’t witnessed some type of “generation war.”

It’s mostly Millennials fighting with Boomers, because everyone forgets that Generation X exists and Gen Z likes to pretend no old people hang out on social media in the first place, but do you think entire generations can be reduced to stereotypes?

This customer thinks you can – or at least, you can tell how old a table of customers was by the way they leave their dishes behind when they go.

Image Credit: TikTok

For example, do you stack your dishes when you’re finished or just leave things strung about for the staff to handle?

TikToker @sallymander_ says that a neat booth usually means an older generation, while a messy one means younger people occupied the space.

“I’m not the waitress…I was the customer to the left. Even though it’s not ‘our job’ it takes 5 seconds to pick up after yourself and requires 0 effort.”

The video has racked up more than 90,000 likes, 665,000 views, and plenty of opinions – many of which were that the observation could be put down more to how people were raised rather than when they were born.

Image Credit: TikTok

“Literally stop blaming generations and blame the way someone was raised. I’m 28 and clean up and so does my 17 year old brother.”

Not only that, but some who work in the service industry claim that stacking your dishes really isn’t that helpful, anyway.

“As a busser I kinda don’t like when people stack cause it ruins my flow and the way I do it. Best to just tidy it up instead.”

“I worked as a server and didn’t like people stacking their plates. It messed with my way of doing things.”


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I have to say that I think my time as a server contributes to my compulsion to “pre-bus” the table, not the fact that I was born into the Xennial generation.

What about you? Do you pre-tidy your table for the staff or leave it? Why? We’re dying to hear more opinions on this down in the comments!