Bars can get old after a while, there’s no doubt about it. Huge crowds, drunken weirdos, loud music, long lines at the bathroom, creepy dudes, overpriced drinks, no snacks — the list goes on and on.

One couple in the United Kingdom decided they’d had enough of bars and built one in their very own backyard! And it’s completely and utterly adorable.

This isn’t just a few pieces of plywood slapped together, either. It’s a bonafide bar like you’d find in a super trendy neighborhood or a busy city center.

They decided to call their pub “The Drunken Crab:”

And here’s what it looked like during the construction process:

Look at the beautiful color scheme!

The inside is just perfectly cozy — we would totally go have a drink here!

They added so many tasteful little details, too:

There’s even a dartboard:

So pretty!

It’s got everything you could ever want in a pub, and then some:

They’ve even got beers on tap!

Love this little corner of the room:

Wonder if they’ll consider opening it to the public?! We are so there!


This creative endeavor just goes to show that there’s really no place like home, especially if you’re planning on having a few drinks.

Plus, we all know that drinking at home is much easier on our wallets. A pub like this in the backyard would likely pay for itself in just a short while!

Would you ever consider building a bar in your backyard? What about a man cave or a “she shed?” Do you prefer drinking at home or going out?

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