Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, otherwise known as CPR, is a life or death skill that everyone should know. But, just like any other important skill, it can be tough to remember when it matters most. After all, the classroom is a much calmer place to practice CPR than in the middle of a crowded intersection or at the edge of a pool.

So, in an effort to keep us all on track, the New York Presbyterian Hospital has released a playlist made up entirely of songs that are 100-120 beats per minute, which is the proper rhythm at which to deliver CPR.

Writer Julia Reinstein couldn’t wait to share this info with the world after getting out of her CPR class.

“I learned how to do CPR today so now I know how to save your life,” she wrote on Twitter. “But more importantly I found out New York Presbyterian Hospital maintains a Spotify playlist of songs that are the right beat to time CPR compressions to and it is on point.”

If you are unfamiliar with CPR (or haven’t gone through training in a while) it is the act of administering chest compressions and breath to preserve brain function in a patient until further help arrives.

If you are untrained or even a little out of practice, the Mayo Clinic recommends skipping the breaths and only giving chest compressions at 100-120 BPM.

And if you can’t tell by now, this playlist really does rock.

“Stayin’ Alive,” “MMMBop,” and “Fly?” I’m going to listen to this playlist whether or not I’m saving a life!

And remember, it’s never too late to receive CPR training. Approximately 100,000-200,00 lives could be saved each year if CPR is administered at the right time, says the American Heart Association.

So go get trained and rock out to your favorite songs while you’re at it!