I don’t have kids so I can’t really weigh in on this one, but I’ve heard a few couples I know get into arguments about whether their kids should get their ears pierced or not…

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AITA for getting my daughter’s ears pierced without telling my husband?

“Context: Me f26 and my husband m32 welcomed our daughter several months ago.

So far we’ve agreed on every decision made regarding our daughter but the topic of peircing her ears came up and he said he didn’t like the idea despite me explaining that 1. It’s normal thing for babies and 2. It looks pretty 3. no it’s not cultural we’re both white but it’s a great new experience IMO.

He said he needed time to think about it but weeks went by and he hasn’t said okay yet. Mom suggested we do it behind his back and he’ll then come around and see for himself that it’s a good thing since he was having doubts and being indecisive. I was hasitant but I agreed and chose a day where he was out all day.

Thankfully it went smoothly but when my husband got home and found out he lost his temper and went on about what a major breach of trust I just committed and how I should have never decided to do this without him fully agreeing since he’s the parent too and got extra mad that I went behind his back and was being sneaky and untruthful about it.

I tried to explain that first it was my mom’s idea and I didn’t think he’d overreact like that but he insisted that I did was not okay and that I overruled him as a parent and damaged the trust we have and also put our daughter through pain and discomfort. I had an argument with him and told him he was acting like this is just his daughter, I’m the mother and my opinion does have heavier weight than his to some degree.

He got offended by that and went to stay with his mom who called and berated me for going behind her son’s back and treating him as a less than when it comes to our daughter but I never understood why he thought that.

He is not talking to me now. I think he’s being selfish by saying he needed time to think about it and trying to stall without considering my point of view. Mom is on my side here but he and my inlaws said I screwed up for making such decision without his “okay” and going behind his back to get it done.


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