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Who is only 13-years-old, by the way…

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AITA for making my daughter cancel her date?

“I’m a single dad and have been for about 9 years now. My daughter is 13 and is the single greatest thing to ever happen to me.

About a week ago she said that this boy in her class wanted to know if she would be up to grab pizza on that Saturday. We don’t really do anything for Thanksgiving so, logistically it worked out. She agreed to it.

When she told me about this, I said that I wanted to meet this guy. She immediately got annoyed and asked why. I said that if a guy is asking my daughter out, I just want to be able to put a face to a name. I promised her it was not going to be some goofy ” dad interrogates boyfriend and acts all scary” schtick. I told her to tell him I wanted to meet him and just say ” Hi”. She tells me she’s told him.

Saturday comes and I see her heading towards the door. I tell her to hold up and ask where her date is. She says he’s outside and that they’re going to bike ride to the pizza place. I ask why he’s not coming to the door.

She first tells me he’s nervous and doesn’t know what he’d say to me. I told her that, ” Nice to meet you” is a good start. Her story changes and she tells me he just ” doesn’t see why” I have to meet him. I reiterate my “why” to her and ask her to go get him.

She breaks down and tells me that she lied to me. She never told him I wanted to meet him because she thought it was ” stupid” that I wanted to meet him.

I told her to text him that the date was off. She said I wasn’t allowed to do that. I asked her again to tell him. She started getting teary eyed, texted him, told me I was mean and that she h**ed me and went to her room.

When I told my sister what’d happened, she thought I was in the wrong and said I should’ve let my daughter go on the date.


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