No matter what you believe about anything else, it’s pretty unanimous: Dad jokes are hilarious. But you know what doesn’t get a lot of attention? Dad impressions.

One dad in particular really takes his impressions very seriously. Because if you’re a dad… what else do you have to do to crack your kids up?

More specifically, his impression of a dinosaur, which even has its own name: Dadosaur. Whenever one of his children simply utters the name “Dadosaur,” he has no choice but to spring to action.

God bless you, teens of the internet, for being there to capture hilarious moments like these.


Dadosaur ate the Easter cake πŸ˜‚ @frankiemannella #fyp #foryoupage #happyeaster #dadosaur #petlife

♬ original sound – olivemannella

The second best part of that video, though, is definitely Mom scolding the Dadosaur for being so ridiculous.

Whose mom hasn’t reacted in exactly the same way toward something their dad did?

In addition to smashing cakes, he also ruins family pictures. What can’t he do?


Dadosaur ruins Easter pictures πŸ™„ #happyeaster #fyp #foryoupage #petlife #dadosaur @frankiemannella @clmannella

♬ original sound – olivemannella

Also, little known fact, but apparently dinosaurs can take out the garbage, too. How they manage to do household tasks with such teeny-tiny arms is still a modern mystery.


Dadosaur takes out the trash… almost πŸ₯΄πŸ¦– #dadosaur #stayhomestaystrong #keepingbusy #fyp #foryoupage @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella

♬ original sound – olivemannella

Also, can we just say for the record that it seems like this family has a lot of fun? Like seriously, just check out the commitment to this choreography from everyone:


Inspired by @twitchtok7 & @allisonholkerboss! Mannella family style ✨ @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella @izzymilli3 #fyp #dadosaur

♬ BDASH x DJ Maata 1000milesdance – BDash

Did your mom or dad have a go-to trick for cracking you up? A favorite joke, impression or song?

We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments!

Oh, and a big shout out for all those dads out there. Thanks for being awesome!