Who would have thought Yoda was such a little cutie as a child? Not me!

But what if we told you Baby Yoda was real? Well he is, kinda.

Meet Mork a rescue pup with over 150K follows on social media!

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Mork says Happy Valentine’s Day…Again! ❤️ If this little alien makes you smile, please consider making a small donation to @roadogs as a token of love for the lives they save. Link in bio Venmo: roadogs Paypal: roadogsandrescue@gmail.com #chubbychibbychops #ETlovechild #whendobbymetgollum Thank you to @sunsets_unleashed for pics ⭐️

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Just look at this “Mork”-alorian!

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Portrait of a Morkalorian 😂❤️👽 #chubbychibbychops

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Mork’s not only Baby Yoda adorable, he’s a special little guy.

He was rescued in China by Harbin SHS an organization of “Just 3 girls in China. Trying to save as many animals as possible.”

Since 2016, three women banded together to save the “vast amount of animals needing help in Harbin, and China as a whole.”

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Who would have thought this little #chubbychibbychops rescued from the meat trade in China would become the #babyyoda IT dog, lol 😂❤️😂 ❤️😂❤️😂 Mork is spreading Love and Wonder so as a Thank You, we are giving away THREE tees today (swipe) Just follow Mork AND @roadogs and give us your best Morkie hashtag in the comments below 👇👇👇 I’ll pick my faves and tag them in comments here. Huge thank you to @artisticbulldog for the tee design. You can also buy the shirt on the @roadogs website. Link in bio.

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Mork was one among the group. He was so weak, he was immediately hospitalized him and nearly didn’t pull through.

Once little baby Mork got his legs under him, the Nikki Carvey of the Road Dogs & Rescue adopted him.

Bored Panda interviewed Carvey about the experience.

“Mork is a survivor.

He was rescued, along with a bunch of other dogs, from a meat truck in China, by Harbin SHS.

Sadly, some people still think it is cool to eat dogs there, and many unwanted dogs are sold to the meat trade.”

Who could eat Mork with a face like that?

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Mork says Thank you for all the love! He is awake after his CT scan and endoscopy with the wonderful @smartapproachvet and team but since there seems to be partial laryngeal collapse, we decided to postpone surgery until we figure out the best way to deal with it. Please keep the love coming for an easy recovery and for us to get to the root of all his issues and help him get healthy and happy. Mork, putting the lemon into Loveable Lemon 🍋 ❤️ #chubbychibbychops #meltingpugcandle #starwars

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Thank goodness for organizations like Harbin SHS. Carvey mentions how well the process went in getting Mork safe to the US.

Harbin truly focus on getting the puppers healthy while simultaneously partnering with dozens of US based recuses. Carvey’s organization is one of them.

 “So far we have found loving homes for over 50 dogs. Including Mork!

As soon as I his photo, I knew that he was meant to come to me.”

Mork is now living his best life with Carvey even with certain health complications.

He was only 12.4 pounds when he arrived at her rescue causing irritable bowel syndrome. And even though his face melts the hearts of anyone who sees him, he was victim to poor breeding conditions.

He does have “heart, breathing, jaw malformation” which is cause for concern but Carvey is super optimistic.

‘The good news is that he has now gained 5lbs and we are working with various specialists to get him to be the best Mork he can be.”

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Hi from the cutest alien in town. Follow my journey to health ❤️⭐️ #chubbychibbychops #meltingpugcandle

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Since he’s been living with Carvey, he’s gained weight through home cooked meals and medications. Looks like he’s well on his way.

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