Dating apps sure can be weird, huh…?

But there’s no denying that, for a lot of folks, those apps are the easiest way to meet someone these days.

People use apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc., to meet people they’re interested in going out with, but I guess some folks also use it to network…or meet guys and gals they see in other peoples’ photos.

A woman shared a video on TikTok showing a message she received from a guy on a dating app who asked about a friend in one of her pics after they matched.

And she wasn’t too pleased about it…

@abbyrose331If men have one thing it’s the audacity♬ Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) [2010 Remastered] – John Lennon

Hmmm…now check out what folks on TikTok had to say about this.

One woman said that they don’t see a problem with what this guy did.

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And another viewer admitted they’ve done this before.

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This person made a good point…

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Another viewer said this is no big deal and that this is what happens on dating apps.

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But a female named Mia said they’d never go out with a guy like this.

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And another TikTokker wasn’t too pleased with all the support for this guy and they said he’s wrong for what he did.

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