Let’s be honest: pregnancy is tough on women and their emotions all flipped all upside down while those little ones are inside their bodies.

So are you supposed to back up your significant other if they’re pregnant no matter what they say or do?

Let’s check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page…

AITA for not backing up my pregnant wife in a conflict?

“My wife is early in her pregnancy, and has been having a rough time with morning sickness. She’s normally the sweetest person in the world, but lately she has been understandably irritable.

Last week we were out getting our morning coffee, she specifically asked for soy milk in her latte since its easier on her stomach. However, the barista made a mistake and used whole milk instead of soy. My wife had a taste, and it was like switch flipped in her brain, and she started screaming at the barista, calling her an idiot, and demanding she remake it.

People were starting to look, so I tried to hold her back, and quietly told her that we should leave and go and get coffee elsewhere. She wasn’t having it, and turned on me, and said “I’m pregnant with YOUR child, why are you not backing me up?”.

I responded, “Yes the barista screwed up, it doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant you cannot talk to people that way.”

My wife stormed out and has been cold to me ever since (this happened about 2 days ago). Her family have also been messaging me saying what an a**hole I am for not being supportive of her, but when I told my friends what happened, they seemed to be split on opinion.”

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This reader said that the wife is the a**hole here and that just because she’s pregnant, she doesn’t get to be rude.

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Another reader, who is a woman, said that the man was 100% correct in this situation.

Good to hear!

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This individual said that they were lucky they didn’t get kicked out.

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And lastly, this reader said that pregnancy is no excuse to act like an a**hole.


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