We all have a phobia or two (or maybe more).

I’m really claustrophobic.

Being confined to a small space or jammed in a huge crowd with a bunch of people is TERRIFYING to me.

And I’m gonna give you a stern warning right now: if you suffer from megalophobia (the fear of large objects), you might want to proceed very slowly with these photos…because they might give you some anxiety.

Let’s take a look.

1. Washed up on the shore.

That is one big tree.

Trees occasionally beach themselves in the search for food
by inmegalophobia

2. Wouldn’t want to run into this fella.

That thing is MASSIVE.

This saltwater crocodile
by inmegalophobia

3. It took me a minute to even see the people in there.

I had no idea anchor chains were this big. Learn something new every day!

This is how big anchor chains are. it makes sense but dang
byu/astrotheastro inmegalophobia

4. It doesn’t even look real.

This is totally wild!

It is the tallest statue of Nyoirin Kannon in the world, and the tallest statue of a goddess in Japan.
byu/Aliciab12 inmegalophobia

5. Looks beautiful there.

I’d like to visit one day!

Mt Fuji as seen from a nearby town
by inmegalophobia

6. This is not Photoshopped.

Look at this photo very carefully…

This is just one picture
byu/jughead1939 inmegalophobia

7. The sun is pretty big, huh?

I had no idea! Wow!

That small dot is mercury in front of sun.Definitely unsettling
byu/Riki1996 inmegalophobia

8. This puts things into perspective, don’t you think?

Just go ahead and compare it with the pooch.

Whale spine
byu/Calu_T inmegalophobia

9. This one is totally wild.

Wrap your head around that!

A full-sized school bus next to haul trucks
byu/waltreeky inmegalophobia

10. Oh man, this looks amazing!

You can never get enough of Godzilla!

11. I don’t know how anyone could do this.

This is terrifying to me.

Astronaut Bruce McCandless II floats untethered away from the safety of the space shuttle, with nothing but his Manned Maneuvering Unit keeping him alive. The first person in history to do so.
byu/lilacrain331 inmegalophobia

12. Look at how huge these are.

I hope these folks are paying attention.

Always forget how massive these supercarriers that America builds actually are
byu/SquealTeam10 inmegalophobia

Are you scared of HUGE things?

What are some of your other phobias?

Let us know in the comments so we can try to talk it out!