Creativity strikes us all a little differently. Some people take up painting, while others may dive into landscape photography or macrame.

One man from the Detroit area went in an entirely different direction: he decided to build a tiny restaurant for the squirrels and other animals in his neighborhood.

The intricate design features picnic tables, a fence, a pergola, a host stand, a menu and even a teeny-tiny coat rack.


The miniature restaurant is the brainchild of James Vreeland, a woodworking hobbyist with a lot more free time on his hands these days.

Vreeland has even gone so far as to post live-streams of the restaurant, which he’s named Maison de Noix (which means “house of nuts” in French — so clever!).

He’s also posting some great time-lapse videos of his happy customers:


Even a gorgeous neighborhood blue jay stopped by for lunch one day:


As you might imagine, people were super impressed with Vreeland’s skills, as well as the adorable photos and videos he’s posting. Plus, he really paid attention to all the small details, even going so far as to write an actual menu with items like “mixed seed trio” and “stale bread/pizza crust.”

If this place gets any more popular, Vreeland is going to have to start thinking about hiring a tiny waitstaff. Maybe someday he can expand the restaurant to include a bar or night club. Now that is something I’ve gotta see!

Do you have squirrels in your neighborhood? If so, do you love them or hate them? It’s a pretty controversial topic, we know, but please share your squirrel opinions with us!

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