I think if you gotta take a drink to get through something like a job interview, you might have a problem.

Hey, no judgment here, I’m just stating the facts, friends.

And a man took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if he was wrong for taking a drink at a job interview.

Here’s what happened…

AITA for drinking absinthe at a job interview?

“Ok, so I know the title sounds bad, but bear with me – I had my reasons.

So, I (22M) have been really struggling to find a job since I graduated this summer. I’m searching in a highly competitive field (think finance), and yesterday was the first time I interviewed somewhere.

I took a small shot of absinthe when I woke up, just to settle my nerves a little. (Side note – my Grandad was of Czech origin, and he LOVED absinthe. He even used to brew it himself.

My final birthday present from him was a novel 200 ml bottle he brought from his homeland. Unfortuantely, he passed away a couple weeks ago, so I decided to pour one out for him to ensure good luck in my interview.)

However, by the time I was sat in the company’s waiting room, the effects had completely worn off. I started to feel sick with nerves – the pressure of the interview stage was getting to me after months of writing applications.

I decided to sneak off to the toilet to take a couple of pre-interview shots to calm my nerves. The interview that followed actually went really well – I had great chemistry with the interviewer, and we were laughing, flirting etc.

The problem came when I, very stupidly, decided to sneak in another shot (for good luck) before the final interview with the CEO. Sadly, she emerged from her office precisely as I was mid-gulp. She looked horrified, and told me to leave the building.

I tried to explain to her about my anxiety, and how I was simply medicating it, but she wouldn’t listen and called security to take me away. Afterwards, I sent the company an apology e-mail and asked for another chance, but they haven’t yet replied.

My mother thinks I’m an a**hole for drinking at all and called me an al**holic, (she doesn’t really understand al**hol,) but my brother ‘doesn’t see the issue’ as long as I wasn’t d**nk.

So Reddit – who is the a**hole?

Me for drinking before a job interview, or the CEO lady for not listening / calling security?”

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