Many of us love avocados and, since they can be pretty expensive, they want to make them be as fresh as possible AND to last as long as possible.

And yes, people like to poke fun at “avocado culture” because of their association with hipsters and how much they love to put them on everything (especially toast) but the fact remains that avocados are delicious AND good for you so you probably want to know how to use them the best way, right?

According to one Facebook user, the best thing you can do is put your avocados in water in your refrigerator if you want them to be fresh for up to a month.

The woman even did an experiment with avocados to make sure the results were accurate so you know this wasn’t just some hearsay that someone heard from a friend at the grocery store.

Easy does it, right?

The Facebook post is included below. Take a look!

According to another experiment conducted by Southern Living, avocados stored in water in the refrigerator came out fresher than ones that were left out on a counter AND ones that were left in a drawer in the refrigerator.

So it really is the water element of the storage that makes the most difference when it comes to fresh avocados.

And there you have it!

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