Meet Pam.

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Like many of us, Pam has siblings. A little brother, in fact. But Pam’s little brother just found out that he’s actually her half-brother.

That may not be a major difference in the scheme of things, but it can be a big deal to a kid. To Pam’s brother it was, because it meant giving up 50% of his sister.

So when Pam got home one day and encountered all of this, the tears started flowing…

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The letter.

Photo Credit: PamTina_/Twitter

A couple things here.

First, yes, of course we’re crying over here. This is insanely touching. If we could all treat each other this way more often, we would have achieved world peace LONG ago.

Second, don’t sleep on that sign off. Not only does Pam’s “annoying” brother throw some self-effacing humor in there… he gets the right “your” in the mix. And that makes us happy on so many levels, you might find it hard to understand.

Needless to say, this shizz went viral FAST and people related for sure.

These really are so touching.

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Stop it! You’re killing us!

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So yeah, keep this in mind when the next time you’re thinking about your siblings. Spread more love in the world!