Do people really leave their own weddings?

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Let’s delve into a story from Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page about a couple that ddi indeed leave their own wedding…and now they’re wonderful if they were wrong…

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AITA For leaving my wedding with my wife?

“Title is confusing so I will try to explain it as better as I can, also English isn’t my first language so sorry if this is hard to understand.

I (M29) have been with my gf (F29) for about 6 years. We love each other very much and have a fulfilling relationship we are however a very introverted couple so when we discussed marriage, we were both on the idea that we didn’t want a traditional wedding or a wedding at all. We wanted to go to a courthouse by ourselves (no friends or family) sing the paper and then go to our honeymoon.

In our country this is very weird since wedding are expected to be massive, over the top and every member of the family must be invited disregarding your level of closeness with them.

We got engaged in relative secret since we were already living together and shared the information with our closest family, when they asked for our plans and we told them they didn’t take it very well and a lot of fight began with both families but specially with my mother and mother-in-law who would not tolerate a marriage that didn’t involve the catholic church.

After a few months of fighting and since there’s a pandemic going on we went ahead with our plans and got married by ourselves and went to a month long stay in a secluded cabin.

When we returned suddenly all bad blood with our parents and extended family was magically gone and both my mother and mother-in-law where again very friendly as if nothing ever happened. After about 3 days since we came back my mother-in-law invited us to the wedding of one of her friends as proof that all was forgotten she said she would pick us up so that we wouldn’t get lost which was weird, but we didn’t suspect anything.

The day of the wedding we arrived at the location and se that everything is still being putting up so we figured we were a bit early and should help but then I saw my family and some of my in-laws, turns out it was OUR wedding and they had planned it to be a surprise they already had a dress, church, food, dj, everything.

Of course, we were shocked as we were very vocal that this is not something we wanted then they told us that since we were driven there, we wouldn’t be able to leave and should just be grateful. Here the story becomes too long to fit the 3000 limit so too summarize we called a friend to pick us up and we left.

Of course, both families are super angry at us and constantly call us to tell us how ungrateful and disrespectful we are. At first, I thought we were right to leave as we made or reasons for not wanting a wedding and specially a religious ceremony but we’ve been told they invited over 200 people and felt very humiliated when everyone arrived and we weren’t there so now we are doubting and there’s nothing like asking strangers for judgment.

So Reddit am I (we) the a**holes?”

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