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AITA for cancelling my niece’s college fund upon discovering what she’s been doing to me and my wife for months?

“My Wife and I struggled with infertility for years, we’re still trying more options but we’re beginning to lose hope.

I have a 16 year old niece that is like a daughter and a friend to me. Considering I’m doing well financially I’ve decided to take care of her education and start college fund so she could attend a college of her choice.

My brother and his wife (my niece’s stepmom) are of course aware of that and they appreciate it very much. They always talk about what a generous, loving uncle I am unlike my younger brother. I’ve been dealing with a series of unusual, un-explain-able events like receiving texts at work from someone pretending to be my wife informing me of some big news like her being pregnant.

Or finding mysterious envelopes in my car when I’m at my parents’ and the envelopes contained letters from someone also pretending to be my wife and again telling me she was pregnant. My wife and I had no idea who’s been playing us like that. We knew it was someone close and had many that made our suspect list including my BIL.

Last week I was visiting my brother’s house and my car was parked in their driveway. I was sitting with my brother and SIL but my niece left for few minutes then returned. I finished my coffee and said goodbye and left. While I was approaching my car I noticed a sign on the windshield. I took a look and the sign read “I’m pregnant” written largely.

I was confused because I knew no one from this neighborhood and suspected someone who knew me did it. I called my wife and she again said this was false news. I took the sign and went back to my brothers house to help figure this out. He said someone must’ve left it on the wrong car but I explained it happened before. He just shrugged but SIL pointed at the sign and said the writing looked similar to my niece’s writing style. My brother told her to stop but I called my niece to come downstairs and asked her.

She denied but got nervous and admitted leaving the sign on my windshield as well as sending/leaving letters and texts pretending to be my wife. But didn’t have ill intent just did it for laughs. I blew up telling her she was out of line to think mocking mine and my wife’s suffering and playing us was for months was funny. I said I was mad, I was disappointed and won’t ever be looking at her the same.

I informed her, my brother and SIL that I officially cancel the college fund I started for her due to her cruelty and disrespect for us. She broke down saying she meant no harm or disrespect and was just messing with/teasing me. My brother said I can’t actually make this decision based on small mistake my niece made. He said this is her future that I was giving up on and my decision will have a lasting impact.

I cut the conversation and left after he tried to talk me out of giving her this harsh punishment. but to me this was no punishment just realizing she didn’t deserve my hard earned money. Brother said I exaggerated.

He actually thinks punishing her by taking away electronics and having her do work around the house should be enough punishment, not cancelling the fund I started for her. But I already told him cancelling the fund was not a punishment but a reaction from me upon finding out what she’s being doing for over 2 months.

Also, she did apologize profoundly and said she regretted what she did but still insisted she didn’t do it out of h**e or ill intention. She loves my wife and my wife loves her.

I’m the closest to her in the whole family from when she was younger and she always says I’m like a second father to her.”

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