Living with a sibling when you’re an adult can be pretty complicated.

You’re not kids anymore, you’ve been through a lot of life experiences, and things can get a lot more heated when mom and dad aren’t around to mediate.

A woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if she overreacted when it came to her thorny relationship with her sister.

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AITA for losing my temper with my sister after she kept trying to get me to move with her and her family?

“I’m 27 (F) and my sister is 32 with three kids and married.

When I graduated from high school, my parents decided they wanted to move back to their home state. I stayed with my sister for two years while I worked to save money before going to college. While I am grateful to my sister and her husband for letting me stay there, I had no privacy whatsoever.

My sister charged me an outrage amount for rent when she told my parents she wasn’t going too (nearly half my small paycheck) and I was expected to watch and babysit my nieces and nephew at a moments notice or just because. Like one morning I woke up the not only my nieces and nephew but their friends all in the house.

My sister and her husband had left to go to New Orleans without telling me I was suddenly responsible for 3 kids + their 4 friends. They were gone for two days. I missed work cause no one else could watch the kids.

I moved out as quickly as possible and now stay in a small apartment. Its not the best but it doesn’t have rats, roaches and I have a roof over my head. I also currently work full time instead of part time. Lately my sister has been on this kick about us moving back in together. I don’t know what has brought this up.

Something about how in other cultures families live together forever or something. Her and her husband have been making plans to move to Washington for better jobs and schools. Let me just say, I am happy with the small town we live in. Will I like to move one day? Yes but on my terms.

She been trying to convince me to come with them and live with them again. Each time I have declined cause I know full well what will happen if I move back in with my sister. I have voiced my concerns before saying that I like living alone cause I have my space, peace and quiet, privacy and I am planning on going back to school in the Fall.

Also I will not be a live in baby sitter for her kids ever again. She keeps saying those things are in the past, I need to get over it. Yesterday she sent my a link to a virtual house tour saying this was the house they were thinking about buying and it had a separate apartment in the basement I could stay in. (Also that she wouldn’t charge me rent this time)

I admit I lost it. I called her and told don’t text, call, email about me moving in ever again. I don’t want to move to Washington, I don’t want to live with her. She called me ungrateful and claimed she only wanted to help me get out this town. I hung up on her.

My parents called me later on that to day I need to apologize cause my sister only wanted us to stay a family and I didn’t have to say what I said.


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