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AITA I got mad at my wife because she caused me to fail an important interview?

“I(27M) and my wife(24F) have been married for 3 years. She is 6 months pregnant.

I have been looking for a job with a better pay since my wife said that she wanted to be a SAHM after the birth.

Today, I had this interview for a position at a very good IT company which would be paying triple my current salary.

There were a lot of measures taken to prevent malpractice. I was not allowed to look anywhere but the screen, etc. The test was conducted on an online platform.

I had told her numerous times before the exam about the strict invigilation.

Just 15 minutes after the test started, my wife started knocking on my study door and calling out my name saying she wanted me to open a jar. I ignored her because I would be disqualified from the interview if I looked anywhere else or spoke… I figured she’d get the hint that I couldn’t talk.

But she didn’t she yelled at me calling me an AH and went on to talk to her friends on call. It didn’t stop at the calls, she played loud music for her online dance yoga class. It was extremely distracting and I made a lot of mistakes in the exam

It was a multiple choice questions based test so I got the results immediately and as expected I had miserably failed it.

I was livid at my wife. This was the 5th interview that she ruined like this. I told her that I give up on trying to make her life easier and that I’m not ready to go looking for any more jobs since she doesn’t even want to maintain silence during important interviews. I told her to start working again after the birth and that I am ok paying for a nanny/babysitter.

She said that in being unreasonable in expecting perfect silence at home.


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