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AITA for telling my parents to stop harassing their grandson ?

“I’m a father of 3 boys aged 17 , 14 , and 11.

Now my oldest and youngest are more stereotypical boys you know sports ,getting dirty , kinda loud etc, but my middle son is way more traditionally feminine and artsy.

Where his brother’s plays sports like football and wrestling , he’ does gymnastics and ballet and he likes to paint his nails and likes to wear more fem clothes sometimes and yeah of course me and the wife talked to him about it and from what we gather he’s not trans or LGBT he’s actually straight just non conforming and we’re ok with that , Our oldest actually is gay he told us at 14.

My parents on the other hand aren’t ,they’re pretty homophobic and sightly racist as they had a bit of problem when I married my wife who’s Colombian .. and really the only reason the kids see them as much is because they live close by.

My parents have costantly kept trying to push my 14 yr old into more “manly sports” or tried to get him to admit he’s gay ( a reason my oldest hasn’t come out to them yet) or they shame him about his nails , we’ve tried to shield the kids and my 14 yr old especially from much of it ,but money was sometimes tight and we needed child care ,but now that they’re older is not as bad as they can watch themselves.

Well yesterday my 14 yr old had a doctor’s appointment and both me and my wife had to work so his grandparents had to take him and apparently on the ride there and back all they did was try to get him to admit he was gay and my wife told me he came home crying.

So yeah I drove to theirs after work and yelled at them to back off and to stop harrassing him about it and they told me I wasnt raising him right and I told them we wouldn’t go to their funerals and I left


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This reader said that it all boils down to one thing: defending your kids.

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Another person said this guy should have put a stop to this a long time ago.

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Another individual said that they were surprised other readers didn’t think this guy behaved poorly and questioned why this guy allowed this kind of behavior to go on for so long.

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And lastly, this reader said that this guy is definitely to blame in this story because he refused to cut his parents off and he allowed this harassment to continue.

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