You’re all uninvited!

Uh oh…you know that if you hear that, there are some major problems going on.

And a man who is about to get married took a drastic step when it came to his own family.

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AITA for uninviting my whole family to my wedding because of my cousin’s “joke”?

“Joke is in quotes because I don’t know what to call it. Something my cousin said is dividing my family.

My partner (22f) and I (24m) are getting married in 6 weeks. She is eastern European and I’m from Spain (where we live). We’re having a small wedding with less than 15 people invited. Just our families and 1 close friend. This is partially because of covid but mostly because we prefer it that way.

Last week I was spending time with my family, and my cousin (25m) starts to talk to me about the wedding. He says congratulations, but he says it with a smile on his face and it sounds like he’s ‘taking the p**s’. I tell him thank you but ask what is so funny. He says to me literally “How much did she cost?”

Well my jaw basically hit the floor, I asked him what is he talking about, and he makes it even worse, he says “I’m thinking of getting a Slavic girl myself.” I was so shocked I couldn’t find any words. I just started muttering “I’m leaving” over and over again as I put on my shoes to leave. I don’t remember any of the words he said to me after that.

My family has made some distasteful jokes about my interethnic relationship before, but never jokes about s** trafficking before. When he said that it made me furious. It didn’t sound like he was joking.

Even if he was, I feel that it crossed a line. I didn’t know how I was going to tell my partner but I knew that I wasn’t going to allow my cousin in the same room as her anymore.

After driving for 90 minutes to get home, I had enough time to think about it. I called my cousin and told him he is no longer invited to the wedding. The next day I got spammed with calls, texts, and voice messages from my parents, uncle, and sister, telling me that I’m overreacting over a joke and causing divide in the family. So I told them all that they’re also uninvited.

My parents are not contributing to the cost of the wedding. They gave us €1,000 for an engagement gift, but after being uninvited they demanded it back. Even though I feel that you shouldn’t be allowed to take back a gift, I gave it back to avoid drama and to tell them that we don’t need their money.

I don’t think I’m overreacting because it’s not fair to my partner to have people there on her big day who think that way about her. Even though my family make up half of our total guests, I don’t want anybody there who feels that way. I’m okay with having none of them there.

Am I overreacting/ am I the a**hole?”

Wow, that was really messed up.

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I think they’re right!

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