Sometimes, people just need to be humiliated for one reason or another, right?

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And a woman took to the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit to see if she was wrong for humiliating her brother-in-law.

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AITA for “humiliating” my BIL after what he did to my brother?

“I(28F) have known my husband(28M) for 11 years.

My husband has a brother(32M) who along with my brother(26FtM) have always hung out with us. We were all friends and it was enjoyable to say the least.

Our country has finally opened back up, so we thought that it would be nice to take a vacation at a resort. I checked up with my brother to ask him if it was alright, and he just said he’ll avoid water if he could help it. My brother recently started his transition last year.

He’s managed to get on T but no surgery yet. Hes sticking with a binder and baggy clothing. His chest dysphoria really gets to him, and a binder in water isnt smart.

We pack our bags and BIL is driving. We all put our stuff in his trunk and off we go. We make it to the hotel and BIL says hes got the bags, we can all go on in. BIL is taking a bunch of bags, and we assume that he brought them all. 30 minutes later, I get a call from my brother asking where his bag is. I told him to ask BIL and he calls me back after telling ne BIL insists he got all of the bags. I decided Ill give him a call.

When I called him, he almost instantly gave up and told me to grab his keys to check, and the bag was indeed left in the trunk. We proceed to go to the waterpark in the hotel. My brother wears some swim trunks and keeps a shirt on. He made sure to stay in the shallow waters, not having the water reach his chest.

I’m with my husband, and his parents, while mine are in the water and assume BIL was too. We were talking and that is when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Its my brother, soaked, saying that he’ll be going back to his room.

His shirt was stuck to his body and it upset him as he covered said area. I asked him what happened and he said he slipped and then left. Soon after, BIL comes by.

BIL: Do you know where your brother is?

Me: He went back to his room, why?

BIL: D**n, he got that upset? I thought it was funny.

Me: What?

BIL: You know, pushing him into the water.

Me: You’re kidding, right?

BIL: Oh come on, not you too. its a joke.

Me: Pushing my brother into the water knowing full well that it makes him feel uncomfortable isnt funny.

BIL: Yeah it is. Messing with him is hilarious. its just when you butt in is when you make it all serious. You couldn’t even let me make him think his bag was lost!

Me: You call that messing? God you’re an idiot. You go ahead and make it so that my brother panics thinking that he lost his baggage, and then you proceed to push him into the water? You know how he feels about his body!

My husband stepped in and told me that I was making a scene and that we were getting eyed. My parents were out of the water and his parents were frowning. My husband and I leave to our room.

My family thinks I’m in th right, while my husbands think I went too far insulting BIL. My husband doesn’t believe there should be any sides because its all a stupid misunderstanding, but I dont think inducing my brothers dysphoria is a joke.

I’ve got to ask, AITA?”

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One person said that the woman is not an a**hole but that her brother-in-law AND her husband seem like they have issues.

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Another reader agreed that the BIL and the husband are major a**holes for their actions.

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This Reddit user said that it’s only a joke if everyone was laughing and that clearly didn’t happen in this situation.

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Finally, this reader said that this was definitely NOT funny and that pranks like this are simply cruel.

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