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My partner F26 wants to get close again with her ex because she does miss having him as a friend and he was an important part of her life at one time. Should I be concerned?

“Before I met my partner, her and mentioned ex had only been broken up for a week.

We jumped into things pretty quick and that has always worried me but now that we live in different cities and she wants to have him back in her life, I feel…. worried

She told me in the past she would be so afraid to tell me if she cheated (she has before on mentioned ex). I trust that she wouldn’t cheat but I don’t know, it just seems off and maybe I’m being insecure.

Can anyone help?”

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One reader said that this guy should recognize the pattern going on here.

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And this Reddit user said that it seems like this guy will get cheated on too just like the others.

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And this individual said that this girl is just plain old damaged goods.

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