Parenting isn’t easy. It’s a whole lot of pressure to be responsible for an entire human life.

On top of that, you have to actually try to make them a good person. Part of that is establishing boundaries, which many folks have done by dishing out a few time-outs.

Nobody likes the kicking and screaming that comes along with that, so this internet mom came up with a pretty savvy solution.


Welcome to the Calming Corner, a time-out substitute that has the internet up in arms. Instead of immediately establishing consequences, this mom decided to teach her kid to evaluate and stabilize their emotional health first.

Thus, the Calming Corner came to be – a place of rest and restoration that’s meant to help children reach a level head before they address whatever bad behavior they’ve done.

This mom’s theory rests on the idea that a calm mind and soul will help the child better understand exactly why what they did was so wrong. Here’s what the internet thinks about all of that.

Wholesome, indeed. And apparently, effective!

According to this Twitter user, some early education programs have already pivoted towards this technique.

This person hit the nail right on the head. Immediately defaulting to time-out and severe punishment is almost akin to how the prison system treats criminals.

Moreover, this kind of response can actually backfire and cause the child to act out even more. If they already know exactly how they’re going to be punished anyway, what’s stopping them from behaving even worse?

Time-outs have been a standard part of parenting techniques since basically the dawn of time, but they’re slowly becoming out of fashion. What’s your take on this mom’s Comfort Corner? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!