When back-t0-school gets underway, I’m sure you’ve seen many friends post “first-day” pics of their kiddos in their new outfits. It’s been a log time tradition to snap these photos to celebrate a parents freedom *cough* I mean, joy, in their kids growing up.

But this Dallas, Texas mom, Carina Cansino took it to a whole new level!


This mom crafted a shirt saying, “Class of 2032” for her little man, Gus. On the back, Gus adds his hand print. By the time he’s a senior all these spot will be taken and we bet the shirt will fit. What a cool tradition!

“The concept is that every year on the first day we take a Picture of him In it and by his senior year he will fit in the shirt and we’ll get to go through every school year photo and watch his growth.”

Many Twitter enthusiast connected to this single mom and showed their love, retweeting over 35,000 and liking it 219,000!  Making this a viral back-to-school sensation.

People loved it so much they wanted immediate updates!

Many Twitter users asked where she got the shirt! Carina took this moment to open up an online shop to make them available to other parents.

Hopefully any money raised will help this guy with college savings!

And for size, she even posted last years photo!


How did Carina get the idea?

She told the Insider:

“I wanted something that my son and I could enjoy not just now, but when he becomes an adult. I’m a sucker for keepsakes and sentimental valuables, so I know this would be perfect. I know one day we’ll both look back at all the photos and cherish all the great memories. It’s the best part of being a mom.”

Way to go mom!