Mess with my video games and you will reap the whirlwind!

Hey, I can’t say I blame this woman all that much for overreacting when her son seriously messed up her gaming world…but did she go too far in her response?

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AITA for taking away my son’s access to games for deleting all my progress from all of my games?

“I(34f) have a very spoiled 13 year old son we will call Jr. In our home, we absolutely love gaming when we have the chance so Jr has access to all of our game systems. He mostly plays the ps5 but occasionally will play the switch.

So a big rule I have for MY switch(he broke his on accident) is absolutely no fortnite. He has it on every system he can get it on but I don’t want it on mine nor do I have the space.

I. Currently at home with a very needy newborn who won’t nap unless I’m holding him. This is after 5 months of strict bedrest while pregnant. As you can imagine, I’ve been getting a lot of time to play on the switch, but when Jr asked to use it to play a game, I gave it up. Upon getting ot back this morning. I went to play one of my games(stardew) to find half of my games uninstalled and fortnite on it. I was aggravated but whatever.

I was stressed and just wanted to relax so I deleted it and it’s data. When I launched my game, all of my progress was gone. I checked my other games to find the same!long story short, I had a stern talk with Jr and grounded him from all of the systems.

As you can imagine, he was furious. He yelled, went to his room and slammed his door. (All of which woke the baby) Next thing I knew, I got a call from my mom saying games are meant for kids and I needed to get over it and give her grandbaby his games back. I told her absolutely not and went and grounded Jr from his phone as well.

My mom is still blowing up my phone and threatening to “come save her grandbaby” since I can’t grow up and parent properly. AITA?”

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