Expecting a child is a thrilling time for any parent. Whether it’s your first or third, you only hope that you’ll have a healthy baby. There can be times where the pregnancy can cause aches and pains, but what if it’s something more than normal gas or exhaustion?

This happened to Christina DePino. She was expecting ad started experiencing a deep itch that kept her up at night. It was so bad she scratched until her skin bled. She thought it was nothing, until she posted it on her Facebook. And thank goodness she did.

Several of her Facebook friends urged her to see a doctor ASAP! During her visit she found out she had intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy or ICP. This is a severe liver disorder that was putting her and her unborn child at risk. The results could have led to preterm labor, hemorrhaging, and even stillbirth.

“If your pregnant & your itching REALLY bad, don’t ignore it!! Started having severe itching a few weeks ago, (it was keeping me up at night) thanks to a little Facebook complaining & the urging of Jennifer, Britney & Monica, I got the itch checked out & found out I had pregnancy Cholestasis, which is basically harmless for me – except for the crazy itching – But could have caused a still born after 37 weeks!!”

Luckily, she caught it on time! The doctors insisted on delivering her child, Lexa Rae early.

“I was officially diagnosed last week and had to get her out this week! We are so blessed! Thanks guys for giving some amazing advice which may have just saved our precious girl’s life! Yeah We are SO BLESSED & in awe!!!”

The American Liver Foundation states that this isn’t common, about 2 for every 1,000 pregnancies. If someone in your family has had it, you are at high risk, so share that with your doctor. It you are experiencing severe itching (especially at night), pain in the upper right quadrant of your back, become jaundice or having bathroom issues such as dark urine or pale colored stool, contact your doctor.

DePino urges soon-to-be mothers to bring up concerns.

“Now I will be the crazy lady running around telling all the preggie ladies to beware! ?”

After all this, DiPino is proud to report that little Lexa is healthy, happy, and hella adorable!

Here is more information about ICP, it’s symptoms, causes, and treatment: ICPcare.org