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AITA for chipping dog poop into my neighbor’s front yard?

“I bought my house about three months ago.

When I moved in, I noticed there were a couple dozen lumps of dried dog doo on one side of my front yard. Before I mowed the first time, I went out and picked them up with a plastic bag over my hand.

The next day I noticed a couple more fresh turds on my lawn, so I kept an eye out for the culprit. It didn’t take long to realize that my next door neighbors have some sort of Benji-looking fluff ball of a pooch that they let out unattended a couple of times a day.

The dog would sniff around for a while, then run over into my yard and poop every time. It was as if he were trained that way. The daily poo accumulation rate seemed to be two or three.

I hardly knew my neighbors, so I was hesitant to approach them with this sort of issue right out of the gate. I waited a couple of weeks, but I made sure to go out and pick up the poop while my neighbors were outside. One Saturday afternoon, I saw my neighbor out front while I was tending the garden.

I said hello and started a simple conversation. After a few minutes, I mentioned the poop and said it would be appreciated if they could pick up after their dog. My neighbor laughed and said that’s not from his dog… that there is a stray dog in the neighborhood that does that everywhere. Hmmm… what to do.

I decided to “train” my video doorbell to the poop zone and set the sensitivity to high. Within a week, I had a robust collection of video evidence incriminating my neighbor’s dog. I’m no poo-pathologist, but it’s also pretty clear to me that all the poo in my yard came from the same doggo bung hole.

Armed with mountains of evidence, I took the opportunity to approach my neighbor’s wife when she was walking the dog. I didn’t go into forensic details, but simply asked her if she wouldn’t mind picking up after her dog in my yard. She also denied it, and the conversation ended awkwardly at best.

I spent several more days noodling over what to do and decided to take matters into my own hands. I pulled a pitching wedge out of my golf bag and proceeded to chip dog scat from my front yard into my neighbors. Beyond solving my immediate problem, I could also work a bit on my short game.

This went on for a some time. It became a weekly ritual that I sort of enjoyed. I did it without shame and in broad daylight. Everything was copacetic until last Saturday.

I was out doing my thing when my neighbor’s wife barged out her front door screaming. She told me that I can’t do that and called me every name in the book (including the obligatory A-hole word).

I tried to keep my cool and told her that I was simply returning what was theirs. Last thing I heard was that she was calling the police as she left. I continued and finished up my chipping session.

I never heard from the police, I haven’t seen my neighbors’ faces and I haven’t seen another poop on my lawn. I’ll probably have a horrible relationship with my neighbors forever now, but my immediate problem is solved.


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