You’ve no doubt heard of Snakes on a Plane, but what about Jerks on a Plane?

Okay, I just made that up but this person asked readers on the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit if she acted inappropriately on a plane…and it was all about accommodating a child…

Take a look and see what happened.

AITA for not accommodating a child on a plane?

“LMAO this is so stupid.

But I was on a pretty long flight and I had the window seat. Idk if it’s important but I had taken some edibles for the flight. Next to me is a mother and her child(2/3y).

The first incident happened, when the mom asked if I would trade seats so her child could look out. I declined and said I would rather sit in the seat I paid for and then I proceed to put in my AirPods and started to watch some New girl and I could hear the child cry and be upset that I wouldn’t .

A few hours later, I was playing a game on my phone and the child was very focused on it, but then as everyone here probably know you get tired of mobile games, so I turned it off. The mom asked if I wouldn’t mind keep playing as it was entertaining her son.

I said no and as soon as I did that the child starting crying and trying to grab my phone, I just simply raised my hand so the child couldn’t reach, so I said in a louder tone, “please control your child” which made the mom grab the boy and freak out at me and her screaming at me that I shouldn’t be such an a**hole and only think about me.


Uh oh…here’s how Reddit users reacted.

This reader said that the mother of the child is to blame here.

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Another individual said that this mom may have been looking to take advantage of another person’s kindness.

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This Reddit user said that single travelers shouldn’t have to deal with other peoples’ kids. Amen!

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And this person said that they’re also tired of being asked to give up their aisle seat. I feel this one…

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