Don’t tell me what to do with my hair!

Or my kid’s hair!

I think those are words that pretty much all of us should live by, don’t you?

Because you know if you make this kind of demand, it’s gonna get ugly.

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AITA for refusing to make my son cut his hair to be in my brother’s wedding?

“Bear with; this is my first post.

My 15-year old son was asked in January to be the ‘flower dude’ in my brother’s wedding (which will be end of this month). Since then, my STBSIL has made frequent comments to my son along the lines of “so what are we going to do about this hair?” (He has thick, curly hair that he’s been growing out for a little while now; he’s got a goal photo we’ve been showing to his hairdresser).

A couple weeks ago I texted my brother to let him know that we will groom and style his hair, and use product to tame it – but I was not going to make him cut his hair. At that time, my brother said that was fine.

Then he told me his fiancé wants to take my son to her hairdresser for a trial run on his hair style (side note; won’t go into the entire history but I’ve had issues with her need to dictate and control, including one time she told my brother he couldn’t accompany my son to the ER for stitches unless she could go too).

I told him I’d make sure we did the trial run on my son’s hair. He then wrote that fiancé wanted final approval. I said I’d make sure he looked nice on their wedding day.

Then a few days ago my stepfather wrote my son, telling him he would not be getting fitted for his tux until his hair was cut. His exact words were “no decent haircut, no tuxedo fitting, you will not be in the wedding but seated in the general audience with your family, that is the result of no haircut. Got it???”

My mother is also firmly on the haircut side; she feels I should make my son cut off his hair because “it’s a very formal wedding”, and claimed we should have known that was the rule from the beginning. I finally texted her back and stated had we been told that was a condition of being in the wedding, my son could have declined then – instead he was subjected to several months of passive-aggressive remarks until I finally addressed it.

So now it’s really blown up. At this point we aren’t even going, because to me, kicking family out of a wedding party for refusing to alter his appearance when he has had this hair for years, is ridiculous.

My family thinks I’m unreasonable for not forcing my son to cut his hair. Am I the a**hole?”

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