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AITA for not paying my uncle back?

“My parents and I (f14) are visiting my uncle and cousins (14m and 11f). My parents told me that whatever I forget to bring, I have to pay for myself.

My period started 2 weeks early on the first day here and my parents said they were too tired to take me to buy pads and tampons. I asked my uncle to drive me to target and told him I forgot a couple things. He said ok and drove me.

I bled onto the seat in my uncle’s car and my uncle figured out why we were there pretty quick. He bought me pads, tampons, chocolate, chips, a heat pad, and took me to Starbucks. I tried to pay but he wouldn’t let me.

When we got back to his house and my parents saw that I had a lot of stuff they asked me how I was able to pay for it all (I lost my job in January and haven’t found a new one since). I told them my uncle paid and they started yelling at me about how I went behind their backs and broke their rule.

My uncle told me to go to my room (I’m gonna live here during the school year because there’s this really good private school by his house and he’s offering to pay my tuition so I have my own room here) and that he’ll handle my parents.

He says that I didn’t do anything wrong but my parents are still really mad at me so I wanted to know if I was the a**hole.”

I told you people are weird!

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One reader said that this young girl is not to blame on any level.

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Another individual argued that parents are supposed to provide for their children and this girl is still just a kid.

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This person said that this all boils down to one thing: neglect.

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This reader said that the parents here are clearly not up to the task of raising kids.

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And finally, this reader offered up a pretty interesting question for others to consider.

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