When’s the last time you gave someone an ultimatum?

It’s not a whole lot of fun when you have to do that, ya know?

But sometimes it’s necessary.

And this person wants to know if they were wrong for giving their father an ultimatum.

Let’s see what happened.

AITA for giving my dad an ultimatum?

“About a year ago, my dad approached me and told me that he, my stepmom, and 2 half-brothers were thinking about moving to a new state.

I had 50/50 custody and asked him what it meant for me. He said that he would pay for me to come for every school break and every other holiday. I was mad at him and told him that he already gets to spend all his time with my brothers and doesn’t want that with me and it was difficult for me with 50/50, and now he wanted to move and really leave me?

He told me he didn’t want to leave me, and I told him that if he moved, I would refuse to see him because he would be showing I was worthless to him. I told him if he forced me to come and didn’t respect my wishes I would make life hell for him and his wife.

Anyways it has been 10 months and my mom made me visit him once and it sucked and I had to sleep on the couch. I have refused to go back and my dad texts calls me every single day and I do not respond. My stepmom recently called me screaming and said I was breaking my dad’s heart and was a cruel daughter.

I told her she was overstepping my boundary and to never contact me again. I think my dad deserves this and I was very clear with my intentions if he moved. My mom said I am being too hard on him and my stepmom.”

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