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AITA for telling my dad his book doesn’t exist?

“My dad b**lied me for reading growing up.

If I spent hours in my room at a time working on homework, he complained I wasn’t out in the yard like he was. Or playing sports. Even when I became an adult, my dad made fun of me for reading. I asked him if he reads he got upset and laughed and said “read? Everything I need to know is on the news” (Fox)

We are all on vacation as a family and they saw I had a book on the table near the sofa I’m sleeping on (while they get the beds). My step mom asks what it was about, I begin to respond and my dad interrupts.

Asking if I “did the thing yet?” I asked “do you mean meet with the editor?I did I have a con…”

He interrupted me again and said “it isn’t about me is it?”

I said no it’s about…Then he interrupted again: “People always tell me I should write a book. My life is so interesting. They say, I should write a book! I bet people would read it! People always say I had an interesting life” My step mom nodded and said it’s true.

I got frustrated and said “but your book doesn’t exist. H**ing your autistic son doesn’t make you interesting”

They both got angry with me. But I wanted to say more.


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