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AITA for telling my stepdad no to adopting me?

“My biological father passed away 9 months ago.

It was really hard for me and my mom. during the time we were healing my mom met a guy, let’s call him Frank. Frank has 3 children, 2 twin boys (age 15) and a daughter (age 8) I’m age 14. I really enjoyed their company. recently my mother and frank announced they are getting married.

I was really happy for them. Last night my mother called everyone down for dinner. My stepdad said he had a announcement and gave me papers. adoption papers.

I looked at him confused and he said “I would like to be your new dad.” I kinda froze for a minute and said “I’m sorry, I’m just still dealing with my father’s death and maybe in the future when I’ve completely healed.”

I handed them back or at least tried. He said “he’s d**d and not coming back, I don’t know what you need to heal from.”

That surprised me. My mother agreed with him. I stood up from the table and threw the papers down and said “until you marry my mother you have no room to adopt me” I said bitterly. I left to stay with a friend.

I’ve been getting calls after calls from everyone saying I have to apologize for what I said. My friend is on my side but said I was out of place for saying that.

Am I the a**hole?”

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