I’ve never understood people who choose to order the most expensive thing on the menu when someone else is paying.

I’m not talking about a night out with your significant other, but rather a work lunch or if a family member is picking up the bill.

And this person wants to know if they are an a**hole for being annoyed that a family member is always ordering the most expensive item on the menu when they’re paying.

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AITA for being annoyed when my nephew always orders the most expensive food on the menu?

“Whenever we go out to a family dinner I always insist on paying, especially when it’s with my father/mother in law.

My sister in law’s son (11) always sees this as a chance to order the most expensive menu options. Today at lunch we all ordered entrees while he got the fanciest appetizer, starter and a whole lobster to himself. When his lobster came he took a bite and said “i don’t want it anymore. i’m full”.

I suggested he take it home but he responded with “I don’t eat leftovers”. I tried to hide my annoyance but this continually happens every time we get together. I’m getting real sick of it especially when my own meal costs $20 and his ends up being $120+ each time. He’ll ALWAYS get the most expensive filet mignon steak or seafood and never finish.

Am I the a**hole for telling my wife to talk to her nephew to limit his ordering when we go out to dinner?

I feel like they will call me an a**hole for dictating what they order and that my insistence on paying shouldn’t have any strings attached.”

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