Outside of novels, you never really hear about the criminal with a heart of gold actually being a thing – probably because it’s typically not.

In this case, though, it seems as if a thief actually felt some empathy for the hardships of the person he stole from, inspiring him to set things more than right.


We left this car out to die and it came back to us With new tires new rims new shift nob and a kill switch, oh and they cleaned the car inside out, Even the engine Bay was cleaned too. #why #honda #stolen #rentonwashington #seattle

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The story was posted on TikTok by Anthony Lopez (@anthonylopez7838) and after you read it, you’ll be hard pressed to not feel at least a little bit better about people in general.

Lopez recently had his (truly crappy) car stolen and instead of selling it for scrap or parts, the thief returned it – completely detailed, with new rims and tires, and a kill switch to prevent someone else from stealing it in the future.

They also left a note, along with a promise to never steal (from this guy) again.


Well here’s a part 2 of the note#stolen #notes #part2

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“Look my guy, I got to say I have never in my life ever dropped a car back after I took it and I take a lot of cars. So the one and only reason I’m droppin’ your whip back off on fresh a$$ rims with all matching tires that are brans new is ’cause 1. I got a flat and 2. is I can see you bust your ass and work on real shit deep down, I can respect that full-hearted. Do keep up the hard work and your head up cause if you don’t I’ll come back for it.

1 last thing is for you to open your hood and open up the fuse box under the hood and plug the fuse in, in order to start your whip. And I strongly mean it when I say you need to pull that same fuse out every f**king time you park your car, ’cause bro, I got your car in 9 seconds flat and I did it all from the right of where you sit. So please, if you want to keep your car, pull that fuse. 9 out of 10 car thiefs don’t know that trick yet and you have my word as a man, I won’t take your car. For the fuse under the hood, I wired a kill switch, it’s your job to hide it. I am a pro car thief, I want you to know this is against everything I do, but I saw you work and shit. I truly am sorry, if only you knew my life. Again, sorry.”

Look, we’re not praising car thieves here, but at least one thing he said is true – you really never do know another person’s life unless you’ve lived it yourself.

He’s done a good deed, so let’s just celebrate that.