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It revolves around a woman who doesn’t want to spend Mother’s Day with her mother-in-law…and she wants to know if she’s a jerk for it.

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AITA for telling my husband I won’t be visiting his mother for Mother’s Day?

“My husband is gone for military duties and he called me today to ask if I would be going over next weekend to visit his mother for Mother’s Day. To which I said no. Then I had to rehash what happened last year for my first Mother’s Day.

Back story. Last year was by first Mother’s Day. My baby girl was born September 2019 so May 2020 was my first Mother’s Day. During a pandemic. My husband spent the day with me but his mother called him and complained that we had not gone over to her house for Mother’s Day.

I told him he was more than welcome to go but that baby and I were staying home and hanging out and enjoying my first Mother’s Day. He had gone to his mothers on Friday for Mexican Mother’s Day. I ordered her mother’s day card and flowers and he took them to her.

She never acknowledged the gifts, to me anyway. On the day of Mother’s Day the only people to contact me from my husbands family were my FIL and BIL and they both wished me a happy first Mother’s Day. I was beyond grateful and expressed that to them.

Shortly after MD, MIL called me and told me she was upset that I didn’t go to her house on MD. I politely told her that I too was hurt that she didn’t even acknowledge me on my first Mother’s Day.

I also told her how the year prior when I was pregnant she went out of her way to make comments to me about not being a mother yet when my FIL wished me a happy almost Mother’s Day (I was extremely hurt but kept it to myself. I had miscarried two babies prior to finally having my baby. I always felt like a mother. Her comments were hurtful).

MIL then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t need to acknowledge me on Mother’s Day because I’m not her mother. I told her fair enough but don’t expect me or my child to celebrate you because by your definition you are not my mother and you are not the mother of my child.

She never apologized for her hurtful comments. We are cordial now a year later but after that I decided that I didn’t want to spend any Mother’s Day with her ever again.

I brought this up to my husband and he told me I need to suck it up, move on, and go over to his moms. I said NO. I am celebrating with my daughter and my own mother and I have plans during the weekend anyway.


Here’s how folks responded on Reddit.

This reader said that the woman’s husband seems controlling and that the situation is also kind of weird.

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This person called the woman’s husband a MOMMA’S Boy…and they argued that the woman needs to put her foot down about this kind of behavior or it’s just gonna get worse.

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This Reddit user argued that the husband might be even more controlled by his mother because of his military background. Something to think about…

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Another individual said that the husband seems to know that his wife will bend to his controlling ways because she’s more logical and mature.

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Lastly, a person said that the woman was not to blame for her actions and that, compared to some other women in her position, she is standing her ground just fine.

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