I hear stories from my divorced friends about how messy things get with child support payments and shared custody and everything else that goes along with it and it just sounds MESSY.

But every situation is different…

And this woman wants to know if she’s wrong for demanding 10 years of child support from her ex.

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AITA for going after my ex for 10 years of child support?

“My ex left for someone else when my kids were young (5M and 2M). He paid child support until he was medically released from the military in late 2011.

Since then he hasn’t paid a penny. Any time I’ve requested help (like $10 for school supplies) he tells me he has no money. He’s always begged me not to file through the state and apologized for not paying. Of course he always promises that he’ll start paying at some point. He gets about $2k/ month from the VA, but his work history has been spotty, at best. His parents have helped with his bills.

He’s actually had a good job for the last 2+years now. But still can’t help. I’ve given him all required visitation plus extra (I want my kids to be able to have a relationship with their dad)

Recently he had words with my husband and my ex said that he doesn’t owe anything, morally or legally. He said I should file through the state so they can tell me to my face he doesn’t owe (his words). I talked to my kids (now 19 and 16) and got their go ahead and filed. The state will be pursuing about $70k in back support plus current support for the 16yo.

I know it’s a lot of money and between him and his current SO, they have quite a few kids living with them. This will put a huge financial strain on them.


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