When dealing with the in-laws of the world, there’s always going to be some conflict.

They get jealous and bicker about who spends more time with the grandkids, who gave better gifts, etc.

And in this story, a woman wants to know if she acted like an a**hole for how reacted to her husband sending out a photo of their newborn baby to his family.

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AITA for blowing up at my husband for sending his family a picture of our newborn?

“Me F27 and Phil M32 have been married for 3 yrs.

We both have families who want to be first in everything. Phil read me an article about boundaries and encouraged me to set boundaries for both families, I agreed and we made progress.

As the birth of our son approached we handled the families requests~ Both moms wanted to be in the room we said no, Both dads wanted first photo with the baby but we said no til they agree, Both families wanted to be at the hospital to see our son but we said no then agreed to host a gathering on Tuesday where both families get to see our son at the same time for the first time. no pics, posts or video calls til then since I needed to recover.

Everything was going well it started when Phil secretly took a picture of our son and sent it to his family. It blew up, everyone tagged everyone on FB Mom and family saw not only the picture but posts my inlaws made saying “we won in the end” or “our grandson chose us” and “1-0”. MIL lied about taking the picture herself at the hospital.

Mom called crying saying Phil leaked and shared pic of our son and violated the agreement both families had. Dad said that on top of the defeat they had to deal with the propaganda and emotional stress from inlaws. I was fuming I asked Phil if he sent his family a picture of our son hours ago. He said (jokingly) – ummm…yesn’t.

I blew up at him saying we had an agreement and me and family respected it but he and family OTOH were humiliating my family, ruining their joy and rubbing the fact that they got to be the first to see our son in their face.

He said so what? my family should quit being overdramatic when “s**t” don’t go their way. I said his family are the ones with the overdramatic, passive, aggressive attitude. I showed him every post and tag they made and asked if he’d be happy if my family did this.

He scrolled for a couple minutes nodding n’ looking impressed. He said all he did was innocently sent mom a picture since she couldn’t stop calling, hassling and begging him for one picture –

I said he still violated our agreement to not share photos til Tuesday and this way his family will never respect the boundaries we ~”try”~ to set. I asked if those “boundaries” were just for my family to keep them at arms length while obviously favoring his.

He said – that’s my son I have the authority to send a picture of him to whomever I please, okay! Your family?…the entire lot of them can either STEFU and get over it or wait for your sister to “miraculously” give them a baby.

We argued some more and I refused to drop it. he said I overreacted, blew his joy, and made a big deal out of it Just cause my family has nothing better to do then cry “woe is me” and wrapped up by saying I clearly was enmeshed, too deep in the fog and needed to cut the damn cord already. I’m thinking I might’ve been harsh.


Context; Phil doesn’t have the best relationship with my family. He thinks they are controlling and trys to exclude them from events while letting his family get involved in everything.

He’s not always home due to work at the local PD (Police Department) but he still controls what events my family should/shouldn’t attend.

Also, my sister is infertile that way Phil said “miraculously” and that hurt me on her behalf.”

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