Bad neighbors are THE WORST.

And it’s especially bad when they’re the kind who lives right above or below you in an apartment building.

And how are you supposed to handle that situation?

A woman took to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page to ask if she’d be wrong for complaining about some less-than-stellar neighbors.

Check it out.

AITA for going to my building’s management to talk to them about my downstairs neighbors?

“I (33F) moved into my current apartment in November of 2020, so less than a year ago. I live with two roommates.

Both myself and one of my roommates work third shift and the other works from home during the day so most of the time there is only really one of us walking around at any given time. As I’ve stated we’ve been there less than a year and the people in the apartment below us have come to complain we walk too loud 4 times, 3 times they left rather passive aggressive post it notes on our door and once one of them came up and knocked on the door to speak to us.

The guy then went on a 10 minute rant about how they have a newborn baby and work from home and how we need to walk quieter or to wear slippers to help muffle the sound. Personally I h**e wearing anything on my feet if I don’t have to but to keep the peace we agreed we all would and apologized even though we really didn’t feel like we were doing anything wrong. But something happened two days ago that really drew the line in the sand for me.

My two roommates were out and I was home alone sleeping because I worked the night before when all of a sudden I hear two men speaking in my living room. My roommates are a male and a female so hearing two men kinda freaked me out. Then all of a sudden my bedroom door opens and there standing in my bedroom doorway is the front desk security guard and the downstairs neighbor.

Apparently according to the neighbor he had a wet spot forming on his bedroom ceiling which is directly below my bedroom and had gone to the front desk to say something. I guess they then called my landlord who texted me but because I was sleeping I had my phone on do not disturb. The security guard then tells the neighbor to come in and look around my bedroom to see if they can figure out if the wet spot is coming from there.

By this time I’m very confused and frankly p**sed off that there are two strange men now standing in my bedroom and I have no idea what’s going on. The neighbor then proceeds to tell me about the wet spot in his ceiling that he’s convinced is coming from my apartment. I was like I don’t know what to tell you man I clearly was sleeping and wasn’t using any water for anything but go ahead and look.

Which he does and finds nothing. He was so rude about everything. After both men left I called my landlord and basically explained everything I just typed out. He told me not to worry. But I’m super p**ed security just let himself and someone else into not only my apartment but also my bedroom. I also feel like I’m being harassed by my downstairs neighbors.

I want to go to the building’s management about this but both roomies say it’s not worth it. Would I be an a**hole if I complained?”

Now let’s take a look at how readers reacted on Reddit.

One reader said that this woman needs to call the police. ASAP!

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Another Reddit user said that the water issue means they were allowed to enter the apartment…but not in a sneaky way and they definitely shouldn’t have allowed another tenant to come in.

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This person said that the security guard wouldn’t have been able to do anything about the water problem anyway, so there was no reason for them to be in there.

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And lastly, this person said this incident was totally out of line and that the woman should press charges. Whoa!

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