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A woman ended up kicking her sister out for flirting with her husband…

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AITA for kicking my sister out because she tried flirting with my husband ?

“I(27F) have a little sister, Emily (20F). My husband (27M) and I have been together since our college days.

Back when we started dating, Emily, who was 13-14 then, seemed to have this little crush on my husband (then boyfriend). She would blush in his presence, stutter while talking to him etc; we assumed that the crush went away as she grew older and her behaviour indicated so.

My husband thinks of Emily as the little sister he never had, and treats her as such. We’ve not had much contact with Emily over the years, as we live in a different state at the other side of the country and she’s been busy with her schooling. Last week, my parents and Emily were visiting our house for my birthday weekend.

From the moment Emily arrived, she would not stop flirting with my husband. From excessively complimenting everything he did to proclaiming things like they would make a great pair etc etc. My husband looked very uncomfortable; and so did my parents. I don’t know how we got through the dinner.

After the evening was done, my husband asked me if there was something wrong with Emily and that why was she behaving like THAT? He said she made him very uncomfortable and asked me to talk to her.

So I found her alone, and tried telling her that it was fine if she had/has a crush but it’s never fine to make anyone uncomfortable. I told her that it would be nice if she kept her distance for the remaining two days they were here, since he was NOT okay with this behaviour.

She said she wasn’t being flirty or improper. I told her that she was indeed being inappropriate and it was very creepy that she would try to flirt with my husband.

She got very defensive and said that I was being insecure and I quote, “If I was really flirting with him, you wouldn’t stand a chance.” I lost it as this point and told her that she’s no longer welcome in our house and should f*ck off the first thing in the morning.

Emily and my parents left the very next day; even though my dad agreed that Emily’s behaviour, throughout the evening, was very inappropriate, and that she should apologize to my husband.

Mom thinks nothing of that sort happened and all three of us are being delusional and that it was a d*ck move to kick Emily, and by extension her, out of my house when they’d travelled all the way here.



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Another Reddit user pointed out that the little sister’s rude (and scandalous) comment shows what kind of a person she really is.

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A person argued that the little sister obviously has some issues and she refused to change her behavior even though she had been told that she made her brother-in-law uncomfortable.

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And then this person brought up an excellent point: maybe this woman should have told her sister to stop immediately instead of waiting for a while.

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And finally, another Reddit user said that since the younger sister is only 20-years-old, maybe this is a maturity problem and her sister needs to grow up and respect your household.

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