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AITA for refusing to cook for my husband after he threw away all the food I prepared for my family?

“My husband (31M) and I have been married for few months. It was a long distance relationship and he only met my parents/family a handful of times.

Usually when my family visit I cook their favorite meals for them and my husband does not like any of those meals and always complains about not finding something to eat despite me offering to include his favorite meals. He’d usually sit with them at the table out of politeness but only eats appetizers and salads and nothing else.

My family noticed and asked about it and he said he doesn’t like what was on the “menu”. He also complains that I keep leftovers for days later and I don’t cook til leftovers are consumed by me of course while he eats fast food.

My family planned to visit today. I prepared their favorite meals and all but they called in the morning and apologized for not being able to come due to family issues which is fine. Everything cooked was placed in the fridge. I told my husband and he wasn’t thrilled and said “great now who’s going to eat all that unwanted food”.

He asked when I’m going to cook and I said til the fridge is empty and there is no leftovers left. He made a face and blurted he won’t eat fast food for the next few days as well.

Later I saw him taking the trash out which was earlier than usual but I didn’t give it much attention til I went to grab milk from the fridge and saw all the containers that had the meals I cooked earlier empty completely except for one.

I immediately confronted him and he said the food smelled “funny” and there was one container that smelled kinda fine and so he left it alone and threw everything else away. I blew up on him calling him nuts and unreasonable to throw away edible food and let it go to waste just because he wanted me to cook fresh meals that he likes.

He argued that I shouldn’t be cooking my family their favorite food every time and should just have them eat what we usually eat and said that he was so tired of eating fast food til I’m ready to cook again. I told him I won’t be cooking again after this stunt and that he needed to deal with it after throwing away money and energy I spent on the food he threw away.

He said I can’t blame him because my family chose to not come and that they were the ones who wasted my efforts. I refused to argue further after I said he could’ve told me so I could send the food to my family instead of throwing it away. He apologized but only for not asking me first but he still says I went overboard by saying I won’t cook for him again.

He just left to meet his friends to vent and I’m still upset over what we both said to each other during the fight.”

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