Here’s a pro tip about life that I think really comes in handy: if you go to an engagement party or a wedding, just go through the motions and never, EVER make anything about you.

It’s never gonna end well, friends!

And this woman wants to know if she acted like an a**hole at her friend’s engagement dinner.

Uh oh, this could get ugly…

AITA for ruining an engagement dinner?

“My friend(Sarah) invited my boyfriend and I(f) to a dinner where she had announced her engagement with her now fiancé. There were many of her closest friends there with their significant others.

Once Sarah announced her engagement everyone was congratulating her and everything. We were stoked and just having a good time.

Then Sarah’s other friend, N, announced that she was expecting a baby with her husband. All the attention went on her and everyone started congratulating her and her husband.

I looked towards Sarah and she was silent but looked really upset, I asked her if she allowed N to announce her pregnancy here. Sarah said no but not to worry about it. Her fiancé looked mad but didn’t say anything either.

I don’t know if this is what makes me the a**hole but my boyfriend says it does.

I get N’s attention loudly and everyone looks at me. I said, “You weren’t given permission to announce your pregnancy here. Sarah and her fiancé gathered everyone here and are paying for our meals. The night is about them… not you.

If you wanted a pregnancy announcement dinner you should have held it on your own time but you wanted to take the attention from Sarah and her fiancé away so badly that you’re ruining their engagement dinner? You’re toxic.”

N and everyone else were looking at me before she started crying and saying that I shouldn’t be talking to her like this since she’s pregnant and that wasn’t the case. I told her that she wasn’t the first woman to be pregnant and that a lot of pregnant women can respect their friends too and not make everything about themselves.

N and her husband left and it was a bit awkward but eventually the dinner went back to normal. When my bf and I got home he said I was an a**hole. I asked him how because I really didn’t see it but if he could explain then I’m willing to apologize to N.

He said it was none of my business and I should’ve kept quiet, that no one needs to hear my opinion and how I ruined the night for both of them. I got a bit defensive and said N ruined the night for Sarah and I ruined the night for N so I don’t know how I ruined the night for both?


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