It always kind of blew my mind when I was in high school and some of my friends’ parents let their kids drink.

Because there was absolutely no way that was gonna happen in my house!

And today we have a story from a mother who wants to know if she’s acting like an a**hole for NOT letting her 25-year-old son’s underage girlfriend drink booze.

Let’s take a look.

AITA for not letting my son’s girlfriend drink alcohol?

“My (48F) son (25M) has a girlfriend (18F), I had met her a few times and thought she was nice but childish.

They met on a dating app, she goes to college here on New Hampshire but her family lives on Hawaii so she wasn’t going to spend christmas with them. My son then asked me if she could be with us and I said yes.

After that, her mother (46F) sent me a message on facebook thanking me for receiving her daughter and we started talking. At one point we were talking about wine and she told me that she was worried about her daughter drinking at college. After she and my son arrived, I talked to her about what her mother has told me and asked her to not drink alcohol at dinner.

She was surprised but said it was ok and nothing happened. The next day, my son called me to say that what I did was rude and that I shouldn’t treat his girlfriend as a child. I think that I am in the right, the law is on my side and I was just following her mother’s wishes.

Am I the A**hole?”

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One reader said that this woman is not the a**hole and also questioned why her son is dating an 18-year-old…good point…

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And this individual agreed that this situation is a little bit strange.

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Finally, this reader agreed and said that the age gap between these two is full of red flags.

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